Das Geheimnis in Siebenbürgen

Production Company: Aspekt Telefilm GmbH

TV-Film ZDF – 89 min.

Cast: Oliver Stokowski, Katharina Böhm, Dorka Gryllus, Ernst-Georg Schwill, Gudrun Ritter

Writer: Thomas Kirchner
Director: Martin Enlen 
Camera: Phillipp Timme

Production year: 2010

Lukas Schauttner is an associate of a company which is in an economical crisis. To be able to rescue the companie’s existence and to satisfy a very important customer he would have to go urgently to Transylvania / Rumania. But instead Lukas would rather refuse this job immediately. Transylvania – that was his old home, the country of his childhood, his family, his first great love Mara and his past with which he has never dealt since his departure 1987. But he has family and financial obligations so he has to overcome his aversion.
Arrived in Transylvania he has first to orientate himself especially emotionally. It is the first time for him to be back here since 22 years and he experiences on one side a modern European Transylvania while on the other side the rural areas look as if progress had stopped a very long time ago. As much as he would like to just close up the factory he is here to evaluate at the same time his past is catching up with him very fast as well. He encounters his childhood love Mara and step by step reveals a long kept family secret. After that he cannot refuse to face his origin, his roots, his family and the question where he actually really belongs any longer.