Spreewaldkrimi –
Die Tränen der Fische

Production Company: Aspekt Telefilm GmbH

TV-Film ZDF – 90 min.

Cast: Uwe Kockisch, Matthias Koeberlin, Johanna Klante, Christian Redl, Henry Hübchen

Writer: Thomas Kirchner
Director: Thomas Roth
Camera: Jo Molitoris

Production year: 2010

Harry Ritter had to do 15 yers in prison due to the murder during a robbery of a jeweler. On the day of his release he returns to his old home in the Spreewald. There Harry wants to get the goods from the past robbery and also to reconcile with his son Matthias who had broken all the ties to him. However in the meanwhile Matthias has married, become a father himself and has his own set of problems to deal with. He investigates together with commissar Krüger on his first murder investigation as an attorney. Additionally the dead person is no stranger to Matthias. It is Eber a former accomplice of his father. As finally also Schlange the third of the robbery team turns up and demands his share of the captured jewels the just renewed and still very fragile father-son-relationship between Harry and Matthias starts falling apart again. Then suddenly Matthias’ son Mäxchen, the only one who loves Harry impartial, disappears. During the fight for his son Matthias has to switch sides. Old wounds break open again…