Monats-Archive: April 2007

Hannoveraner im Einsatz

Hannoveraner im Einsatz:
Das harte Training der Reiterpolize

TV-Documentary – 3 x 60 min.

Writer / Director: Eike Besuden
Camera: Heiko Behrens

Production year: 2007
Broadcasted: Rerun June 2008

In co-production with Provobis Film by order of NDR.

The dream job of many police officers is to work at the mounted police force. This documentary accompanies three young chief inspectors during their six-month of special training at the biggest German police ridding squad in Hannover. In a landmarked barrack at the Welfenplatz they are being prepared in theory and praxis for their duties high on horsebacks. Mounted Policemen and their horses have to be ready for any extreme situation. Noise, fire, violent crowds or any other equally difficult situations cannot disturb them during their assignments at for example demonstrations or sport events. Even already during their training the young policemen have to show their qualifications. They are on duty at the G8 summit at Heiligendamm, at a soccer match of Werder Bremen and at the baronial wedding in Bückeburg.