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Neues von der Henne

Neues von der Henne

TV Documentary – 90 min 

Cast: Heinz Rennhack, Gunter Emmerlich, Ingeborg Krabbe, Alfons Wonneberg, Alfred Müller, Edgar Kühlow

Writer / Director: Thomas Hermann
Camera: Günther Trepp, Knut Muhsik
Commissioning Editor: Udo Foht

Production year: 2008
Broadcasted: 16.03.2008

In co-produktion with RossPointFilm by order of MDR.

On September the 8th 2007 the great entertainer and actress Helga Hahnemann would have been 70 years old. On December 18th 1977 the premiere of her first own TV-Show took place and 40 years before today she stood for the first time on the stage of the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. A great many of special jubilee which Helga Hahnemann certainly would liked to celebrate in the Friedrichstadtpalast. However unfortunately that kind of show will never happen – or maybe it will? In the imagination and thoughts of many people who never forgot her, it should be possible. Even after so many years the audience still dearly adores her work. So yes this show is fictional but also a matchless revue of known and unknown performances with the Henne – discoveries and surprises presented in a new way.


Während der Berlinale 2008 freut sich das Pinguin Film Team, langjährige Wegbegleiter sowie neue Kollegen und Mitstreiter bei dem Pinguinale Empfang zum regen Austausch begrüßen zu dürfen.


Claudia Rittig ist während des Filmfestes in München als ausführende Produzentin für Hofmann & Voges Entertainment für den Film „Liesl Karlstadt und Karl Valentin“ mit dem VFF Movie Award 2008 ausgezeichnet worden.