Monats-Archive: März 2008

Spur des Feuers

Spur des Feuers

TV-Documentary – 52 min.

Writer / Director: Henry Köhler
Camera: Wolfgang Lindig
Commissioning Editor: Dr. Katja Wildermuth, Martin Hübner, Frank Egner

Production year: 2008
Broadcasted: October 29 2008 and November 17 2008

In co-production with RossPointFilm by order of MDR and Arte.

On April 2nd 1933 the main office for press and propaganda of “The German student body” decided to strike out “against the Jewish corruption” of the German society. The plan was to burn Jewish corrosive papers in public in all academic cities throughout Germany. In detail the demolition of the literary work of a whole generation of German authors was determined in a four-page procedure plan. But of course the victims of that act were not only the books but also their writers. Beyond the book burning the documentary follows exemplary some artists biographies – whose names have been released on radio on that day – and their fates during the regime of the National Socialism.

Kennen Sie Heino?

Kennen Sie Heino?

TV-Documentary – 2 x 30 min.

Writer / Diretor: Martin Buchholz
Camera: Jochen Schmoll
Commissioning Editor: Axel Beyer (WDR) 

Production year: 2008
Broadcasted: April 12 and 13 2009

In co-production with RossPointFilm by order of the MDR.

Heino? One can’t believe it! – The work of an unknown artist.

“Do you know Heino?”
“Yes, of course!”
“Heino Jaeger?“
„Oh? Is that his last name?“
How could it have happen that Heino Jaeger stayed an insider tip for 25 years? “We probably don’t deserve him” says Loriot. „One of the best and still until today unmatched.” reckons Olli Dittrich. Strange. At public surveys nobody knows Heino Jaeger. However all famous German humorists assure there has never been a greater comedian than him. Reason enough to get an own idea of that Heino Jaeger? … “It is even allowed to laugh during the film – however it could be dangerous.” (Heino Jaeger in “Filmkritiker”)