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Der Sternensammler

Der Sternensammler –
Wilhelm Olbers: Arzt – Astronom – Politiker

TV-Documentary – 45 min.

Cast: Martin Baum

Writer / Director: Heinrich Billstein
Camera: Mathias Brüninghaus

Production year: 2009
Broadcasted: December 12 2009

By order of Radio Bremen, funded by Nordmedia.


250 years ago Wilhelm Olbers was physician and astronomer in Bremen. For that time he founded the biggest observatory worldwide and already analyzed astronomic questions which only today can be answered. An exciting life that led him all over Europe but also always back to Bremen.

All you need is Love


All you need is Love

Production Company: Kaminski Stiehm Film GmbH

TV-Film Sat 1 – 90min.

Cast: Saskia Vester, Jürgen Tonkel, Andreas Helgi Schmid, Manuel Witting, Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen, Franziska Traub, Johannes Herrschmann

Writer: Jessica Schellack, Kerstin Oesterlin
Director: Edzard Onneken
Camera: Marco Uggiano

Production year: 2009
Broadcasted: 03.11.2009

Katharina Remminger is over the moon. Her beloved son Hans finally wants to marry. However her happiness does not take long because instead of a beautiful bride her son presents his single mother with rather another groom – the charming Nicki, a successful doctor from Berlin. The news hit Katharina without any warning. Thousands of questions and even more fears swirl around her head. She loves her son with all her heart but until she finally can accept the new situation she has to go a long way full with obstacles and surprises. However in that whole process not only her best friend Rosi has her back but also surprisingly her ex-husband Christian. So in the course of the story not only the family Remminger finds their way back together but also learns a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of each other. At the end they celebrate a special kind of wedding together with marching band, lederhosen and the realization that everybody should live their life as they want always true to the motto: “The main thing is that the boy is well.”

Zwei Preise für Finnischer Tango

Gleich zwei Preise meldet das Kiev International Film Festival für unsere Produktion Finnischer Tango. Die internationale Jury zeichnete die Regisseurin Buket Alakus mit dem Golden Brig Award für das Best Actor’s Ensemble aus.
Der Preis Best Musical Score ging an die Komposition von Christoph Blaser, Steffan Kahles und Largoland.