Monats-Archive: November 2009

Faust II reloaded

Faust II reloaded

Cinema Documentary – 90 min.

Writer / Director: Eike Besuden
Camera: Mathias Brüninghaus, Lür Wangheim

Production year: 2009

Funded by the BKM and diverse sponsors.

„An impossible project“ says the director Julia Haebler.

“Oh no, not again the same scene” say the students.

“A total strange idea for which I love to be on board” says Dominique Horwitz who plays Faust.

Not Faust I which is broadly known. No, the goal of this project is to bring Faust II on to a stage which already to Goethe’s time had been known to be nearly impossible. To bring this piece of literary work on a stage especially today demands an extraordinary engagement. One school, one world orchestra and a whole part of the town Bremen got together to realize the idea of composer Karsten Gundermann: Faust II on an open air stage as a spoken opera with 500 students on and behind the stage, the German Philharmonics Bremen and Dominique Horwitz as the main actor.

Goethe between high-rise buildings in a part of Bremen where mostly foreigners live and where almost every second family gets Hartz IV is courageously and daring, but can it be successful? Can it set an example?

“Faust II reloaded” shows the students during the last three month before the day of the performance. The film accompanies them during their rehearsals, the music lessons, the costume makings and all the other preparations for the big event. Frayed nerves, chaos, conflicts and lack of motivation combined with excitement, passion and the desire to succeed with the impossible make this film a thrilling, emotional and great journey. Besides Eike Besuden’s film team a group of students documented the events with cameras as well and found captivating insider scenes for this artistic adventure of their classmates.