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Alle Zeit der Welt

Alle Zeit der Welt

TV-Film – 90 min.

Cast: Katja Weizenböck, Johannes Herschmann, Heiko Deutschmann Diana Körner

Writer: Martin Kluger, Maureen Herzfeld
Director: Andrea Katzenberger
Camera: Marco Uggiano
Creative Producer: Frank Kaminski
Producer: Claudia Rittig, Rolf Wappenschmitt
Commissioning Editor: Astrid Ruppert (ARD Degeto)

Production year: 2009
Broadcasted: October 21 2011  

By order of ARD Degeto

Rudolf Wohlgemuth (Johannes Herrschmann) lives a stoic solitary life in his clockmaker shop. In the past the small manufactory was a well-known family business with several employees but now the shy Karina (Katja Weitzenböck) is Rudolfs only co-worker. The two never exchange more than a few words every day however during their work they intertwine as smooth as gears of clockwork. But their small convenient world threatens to collapse as Rudolf’s younger brother Klaus (Heikko Deutschmann) who sells low-cost clocks in Hong Kong demands a share of the business as his part of the inheritance of their parents. As a white lie Rudolf claims to be unable to reimburse his brother for his share due to the fact that he just started a family. Glad about the positive change in his demure brother’s life Klaus invites himself spontaneously to get to know his new sister-in-law. In his need Rudolf asks the single mother Karina and her daughter Julia (Minna Markert) to move in and to pretend to be a happy family with him.