Monats-Archive: November 2010

Deckname Cor

Deckname Cor – Das dramatische Leben des Max Windmüller

Cinema Documentary – 90 min.

Cast: Marcus Seuß, Pegah Kazemi, Sonja Dengler, Lena Klinder, Christoph Jacobi

Writer/Director: Eike Besuden
Camera: André Krüger

Production year: 2010

In co-production with NDR and arte
Funded by nordmedia Fonds GmbH

Emden, Germay 1933. Max Windmülller is thirteen years old. His father gets his trading license revoked by the Nazis and his parents decide to go into exile with him and his three siblings to Holland. There Max gets ready to live the next years of his life in Palestine. 1939 he has actually a place on a ship but an instructor convinces him to stay in Holland and to fight for their rights. In the Netherlands the situation for the Jewish population is similar difficult after the Kristallnacht in Germany. Max decides to stay and associates himself with the active resistance. He works with a group of people which will be known later as the “Westerweelgruppe”. In that time for thousands of Jews hiding places were found to protect them from the Nazis. All of them have to experience the years between 1942 and 1945 as “Onderduikers” – fates like that of Anne Frank. Later Windmüller’s group facilitates the rescue of Jewish refugees from Holland through France and Spain to Palestine. Max Windmüller has to constantly travel masked as a SD soldier between the different destinations. He gives out fake ID papers, smuggles people and networks with other organizations in resistance. This way his group can rescue the lives of more than 500 people. In the summer of 1944 Max and others of the group are being betrayed in Paris. They get arrested and are transported to Germany shortly before the invasion of the Allies. Only a few days before the end of the war as a prisoner in the KZ Buchenwald Max Windmüller has to go on a death march to Dachau. At that time he is 25 years old. But he never reaches the destination. A guard shoots him as he attempts to drink from a puddle of water.