Monats-Archive: Juni 2011

Ein Schatz fürs Leben

Ein Schatz fürs Leben – Abenteuer in Panama

Production Company: Polyphon GmbH

TV-Film ZDF – 90 min.

Cast: Uwe Kockisch, Julia Stinshoff, Angela Roy, Oliver Bootz, Marek Erhardt

Writer: Timo Berndt
Director: Sigi Rothemund
Camera: Dragan Rogulj

Production year: 2011

For years Wilhelm Brock (Miguel Herz-Kestranek) has searched in vain for the mysterious treasure of Oromeken. But then he discovers a puzzle piece in an archive in Panama that gives him and his two companions Michael (Oliver Bootz) and Christian (marek Erhardt) a new and extremely promising outlook in regards of finding the position of the sunken ship. Wilhelm anyway in bad physical shape cannot bear this huge break through and suffers from a severe heart attack. His daughter Johanna (Julia Stinshoff) who does not have a good relationship with Wilhelm learns from Dr. Jahna (Angela Roy) the physician in charge how bad her father’s condition really is and that he urgently needs a cost-intensive surgery. To be able to get the necessary money together Johanna decides to sell her father’s expedition ship. Onboard of the ship she encounters Wilhelm’s colleagues Christian and also Michael, her former great love. Michael and Christian can convince Johanna that the money from selling the boat and the equipment will never be enough for the surgery. However instead with Wilhelm’s new findings they want to try again to unearth the treasure. In lack of any alternatives Johanna accepts and gets pulled in the adventure of the treasure hunt. But with Carlos Ortega (Uwe Kockisch) they have a powerful and dangerous opponent who does not stop for anything to get the treasure in his possession.