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Am Ende die Hoffnung

Am Ende die Hoffnung

Production Companies: Aspekt Telefilm GmbH, Jumping Horse Film GmbH

TV-Film Sat 1 – 90 min.

Cast : Yvonne Catterfeld, Marie Zielcke, Stephan Luca, Rosemarie Fendel, Max von Pufendorf

Writer: Annette Hesse, Torsten Näter
Director: Torsten Näter
Camera: Achim Hasse

Production year: 2011

Kati Krüger, 32 years old, works as a cab driver in Berlin. She receives a phone call from her grandmother Elisabeth Lenz (90) who wants to be driven through Kiel to Bergen (Norway). The relationship between them has always been difficult. Only very reluctant Kathrin accepts the request. The trip takes the two women directly back into Elizabeth’s past. It was the year 1944 in which Elizabeth demoralized by World War II decided to become a spy for England. But of all things Elizabeth’s first order is it to spy on a man who touches her heart – Hans Mertens, 1st officer on a submarine with at important secret mission. So she has to make a fateful decision. Either she rescues Hans and helps with that the Germans or she betrays her love but makes an important contribution to ending the war…