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Und alle haben geschwiegen

Und alle haben geschwiegen

Production Company: Aspekt Telefilm GmbH

TV-Film ZDF – 90 min.

Cast: Senta Berger, Leonard Carow, Matthias Habich, Alicia von Rittberg

Director: Dror Zahavi
Camera: Gero Steffen

Production year: 2011

Peter Wensierski’s best selling nonfiction book “Caning in god’s name” portrays the hardly known fates of children brought up in institutions in the post-war Germany. Based on his book this film tells the story of Luisa and Paul whose relationship despite the harsh reality of the life in the children’s home always has place for hope, friendship and love.
Berlin. 2008. After over forty years Luisa comes back home to Germany from the USA. She is here to talk about her traumatic experiences in the evangelical welfare approved home Falkenstein in front of the petition committee of the German Federal Parliament. But she also wants to see Paul again, her first love, who like her also grew up in the approved home.
1964. The seventeen year old Luisa is almost an entirely normal young girl. Almost because she has the stigma of a bastard child, loves the music of Elvis and smokes from time to time secretly a cigarette with a boy. As her mother falls sick it is reason enough for the public authorities to put Luisa in a children’s home. There she experiences the full inhumanity of the system. She is being abused mentally and physically and is used up as cheap labor. The only light in her darkness is Paul a silent boy who falls in love with her at first sight. For both their tender love is the principle of hope. In the very few secretly stolen moments of togetherness they can forget the cruelties of their everyday life. But after a dramatic incident Luisa is brought to the hospital and never comes back. 44 years later Luisa and Paul meet again. In contrast to Luisa Paul has blocked his past out due to his fear of humiliation and shame. However because of their reunion Paul at last has to face the demons from his past. So his has not only to speak out what has excruciated him for centuries but also to make finally peace with the girl Luisa who he could never forget…