Rolf Wappenschmitt, associate and sole business manager of the Pinguin Film and Pinguin Production, has worked for over 30 years successfully in the film business. He learned the film production business from scratch first on location as a location manager and later on as a production manager and line producer.

From 1989 Rolf Wappenschmitt worked full-time at Radio Bremen TV initially as a location manager and from 1992 as a production manager. He was in charge of documentaries for Arte, ARD and the third programs as well as for live entertainment programs such as for example “Jonas”, “Rudis Tiershow”, “Total Normal”, “Freut euch des Nordens” and “Bi us to Hus”. Furthermore in his responsibility lay also feature, sport broadcastings, talk shows and theatre and music productions.

Afterwards Rolf Wappenschmitt produced various films and shows for TV as a production manager and line producer mainly for the NFP tv GMBH in Berlin. Among them were successful TV films such as “Plötzlich und Unerwartet”, “Der gerechte Richter”, “Jonathan”, “Vittorio”, “Mörderherz”, “Liebe Zartbitter”, “Die Frau des Architekten” and “Unser Pappa” as well as TV shows and series like „Havelkaiser“, „Happy Birthday“ and „Berlin, Berlin“. Within the framework of these projects Rolf Wappenschmitt specialized besides shooting on countless locations in Germany also in filming on various sets abroad such as for example in France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, USA, Kenya, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Dominican Republic, Rumania, Barbados, Panama and Hungary.

Since 2004 Rolf Wappenschmitt manages the Pinguin Film GmbH in Berlin. 2010 he expanded the company’s field of activity by founding in addition the service production company Pinguin Productions GmbH. Furthermore he is also copartner at the Jumping Horse Film GmbH in Hannover as well as the SunnySideUp Productions S.L. in Palma de Mallorca.