Blutsbrüder – teilen alles

Cinema – 90 min. (WT „Unsere große Zeit“)

Cast: Lorenz Willkomm, Johannes Nussbaum, Udo Samel, Benedikt Hösl, Susanne Lothar

Writer / Director: Wolfram Paulus
Camera: Tudor Mircea
Producer: Josef Koschier, Tudor Giurgiu, Rolf Wappenschmitt
Commissioning Editor: Cornelius Conrad (BR)

Production year: 2011

In co-production with SK Film and Libra Film  
Funded by: Österreichisches Filminstitut, Filmfonds Wien, Filmstandort Österreich, BR, ORF

At the end of world war II in the chaos of the bomb attacks the two thirteen-year-old-blood brothers Alex and Ferry fight daily for their lives in their war-torn hometown Vienna. To protect her son from the allied attacks Ferrys mother sends him to the countryside where Alex follows him to even though it is against his parents’ wishes. There on their own their friendship is put to a crucial test due to violence, politics and their first great love.