Die schöne Spionin

Production Companies: Aspekt Telefilm GmbH, SK Filmproduktion, Mars Motion Pictures, Jumping Horse Film

TV-Film ARD Degeto – 110 min.

Cast: Valeria Niehaus, Fritz Karl, Peter Prager, Jochen Nickel

Director: Miguel Alexandre
Camera: Jörg Widmer

Production year: 2012

Paris 1938. In a night club Hilmar Dierks (Fritz Karl) entices the prostitute Vera von Schalburg (Valerie Niehaus) away as a spy for the German defense. Vera has a son she has to earn money for and also out of curiosity for the adventure she accepts the offer. During the training in Hamburg she proves herself and starts a passionate affair with Dierks but also realizes for what kind of ideology she works. As Hitler invades Poland and Vera understands her own role and the connections to the defense she wants out. However it is too late. The Germans hold her son ransom. Vera has to go to England where she as countess Vera La Roche gets in contact with a high military officer of the ministry of war. Vera provides the German defense with English military secrets so they can prepare their invasion of England. But then she is captured and put on a trial. There is only one possibility to rescue her own life, but that would mean to betray her love…
About the life of the German spy Vera von Schalburg are only very few facts known: 1912 she was born as the daughter of a czarist admiral and traveled in her early years with her Danish mother throughout Europe. Later on she became a celebrated dancer and in the thirties she ended up in diverse establishments in Paris. In the World War II she spies for the German defense mainly in England. Where she is exposed 1940 and disappears forever… Since that time there are rumors and speculations regarding her whereabouts nurtured by the myth of the mysterious spy. The film tells a possible biographic truth – what might could have happened. Beyond that it also shows the picture of a deracinated but brave woman who searched for home and found it in a great love in a time which was defined by revolution, war and a misanthropic dictatorship.